Adult Student Feedback

  • “Hi Mario, I want to thank you so very much for the lessons and the training modules that provide the structure that has lead to my progression of understanding of how this game is played.” -Bruce Nov 2015, after climbing 329 rating point to 1771 by scoring 6-0 in a USCF rated tournament.
  • “Hi Mario,…I’m just writing to say thank you for your lessons and all your help. You sent me additional resources twice, even after we were done with the lessons…The things I have learned have even changed the way I see the world. Thank you, Mario. You are a great instructor and what you do is wonderful. Wishing you every success, Antonio.” -August 2016
  • “The new mindset I acquired from chess, and especially from your lessons, has made a big difference. It helps me explore problems from all different angles, in ways I would not have previously considered. It’s amazing the value that chess holds for everyday life.” -July 20, 2012; "Before I met you I was walking in the dark in terms of chess and I did not even know it." Sept 14, 2010; “It means a lot that you care so much about your students…” Dan -Sept 4, 2010...12 years later: "I hope you have been able to make a living solely from chess instruction these past years, as your way of teaching has such great value. Your lessons are such a special and meaningful memory for me, and I often find myself applying your lessons to life - like not reacting to a threat until I am certain it is a threat and requires reacting (that applies to all kinds of problems and is so helpful in navigating life).  It is great seeing the difference you have made in so many people’s lives." Dan -July 2022 
  • "Thanks again! My father had a great time!" -daughter of a retired Professor 2022
  • "Thank you for always making his day!"; "You are wonderful to broach these topics with (him)" -Katie, aide to an adult student, 2015
  • "It isn't really possible to say how grateful I am for your challenging guidance along the path into the forest of chess... -12/2014; "Thanks and for all the great lessons too!" -8/2013; "Thank you for your fine leadership." -5/2013 -Karen, a student who is a teacher herself
  • "Mario: Just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly  enjoyed my chess lesson today and appreciate all your good analysis and help. You have inspired me  to think again in multiple directions... " -Bob, 84, 2012
  • ""...thanks for your help over the last year. Your feedback and guidance has been instrumental in accomplishing my initial goal of breaking 1600!"  5/14/2012; Upon winning first place 2011 San Diego County Championship Booster section: "Hi Mario, Thanks for the note. I couldn't have done it without you..." 8/8/2011 -Glenn
  • "Hi Mario...You exceeded my expectations and are a wonderful teacher!!..."  -Lisa, 9/27/2011

Additional Administrator Feedback:

  • "Thank you so much for helping and continuing to be a part of this run of tournaments.  You have been a reason I've been able to grow and run these the past years." -Eric Jones, San Diego County Library employee, April 2019
  • “Hi Mario, I really appreciate your efforts to communicate with parents and students to minimize potential problems. You set up a role model for others.” -October 2016; “Thanks for the diligent work.” January 2017; -David C. , Enrichment Director, San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School
  • “I very much appreciate your work with the kids….from an administrative viewpoint, you take the job seriously and that really helps …” -Virginia V., Kidztyme Director, May 2012
  • "Thanks for all your hard work!  The kids are really excited about your chess class." 1/27/2012; "...your technique and homework assignments are really appreciated by the parents.  One of the fathers was extremely impressed and commented that his decision to enroll his son was heavily influenced by the assigned homework." Frank F. Director of Great China Whole Brain Education Academy, 2011