Private lesson rate: $100 for 50 minute lesson or $70 for 30 minute lesson. If this is outside your budget call me anyway for some free self-study ideas for you or your child.

What is included with Chess Lessons:
  • Before each lesson coach Mario Amodeo prepares a lesson that is based on the student’s needs.
  • Homework assignments are provided with a structured but flexible curriculum, as well as guidance to supplemental resources, and monitoring of supplemental activities.
  • All lessons are always taught completely and only by Candidate Master Mario Amodeo.
  • Mario continues to be a resource between lessons by email or phone for general discussion such as student progress or questions about other resources such as books, websites, and tournaments.
  • Rate is for one student, and family members can sit in at no extra charge.
  • Free consultation before the first lesson by phone or videoconference to discuss goals, expectations, and teaching philosophy to determine if the time is right for chess lessons and if it will be a good fit.
  • For long-term students, Mario is happy to write objective letters of recommendations.
  • Facilitate finding volunteer opportunities for high school age students.
  • Since 1997 Mario has volunteered as an assistant tournament director in countless non-profit local scholastic chess tournaments in San Diego County where coached students were participants.


If you have a group of students who want to learn chess, Mario is available to coach in-person in some parts of San Diego County and has liability insurance for school year 2023-2024.  Group lessons in-person at a location of your choice start at $500 for the first hour.
  • $100 in-person group discount for the first hour if classes end before 2:30PM Mondays thru Thursdays, or by 12:30PM on Fridays for locations south of Route 94 (30 minutes earlier for locations north of Route 94; 60 minutes earlier for locations north of Route 52; 90 minutes earlier for locations north of Route 56).
  • $100 in-person group discount for the first hour available for less affluent locations south of Route 94 and west of route 125 (excludes downtown & beach communities). For locations in lower economic areas outside this area, please contact Mario for a customized discount.
  •  $100 discount for the second consecutive hour on the same day as the first hour
  • $200 discount if coaching the group online (this discount can only be combined with the 2nd hour discount above, not the other discounts).
The first three discounts CAN be combined in situations where two or all three circumstances apply!  These rates do NOT include Dismissal (waiting for parents) so you may need your staff or your volunteers to take responsibility for the students immediately after class ends. Higher rates that do include dismissal responsibilities can be discussed and must be agreed upon in writing in advance of any scheduling.

Private Lesson Availability

Online Hours / Availability:
  • Online Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays 8:30AM -8:30PM
  • Online Fridays 8:30AM – noon and 4PM-6PM
Library Locations and Availability for first lesson only: 
  • Chula Vista Library, Civic Center Branch
  • Sunnyside-Bonita Branch of the San Diego County Library
Library time slots: starting at 10:10AM and ending no later than 2:30pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (no later than noon on Fridays). Scheduling: Please call Coach Mario at 619 508 2312.

Contact Information:

Call Mario at 619-508-2312

Volunteering at the 2000 San Diego Math Olympiad, SDSU campus